Our Pastor

Pastor Steve DiBiase
Lead Pastor

Pastor Steve is an ordained pastor in the Churches of God General Conference.  He earned his B.S. in Bible & Pastoral Studies from Lancaster Bible College in 2004, and earned his MA in Theology in 2017 from Liberty University. He has served as a youth pastor and support staff pastor in various Churches of God in the ERCOG, and in other churches outside the conference. Steve produces a podcast, called “The Restored Life,” to reach and teach people about the gospel.  Pastor Steve stated, “I love serving God’s people, meeting them where they are and discipling them.  Even though preaching the Word is extremely important and should be treated that way, making disciples is what the Lord commanded us to do.” He and his wife, Katie have 4 young daughters, and his family is committed to serving the Lord in full-time ministry.

Check out Pastor Steve’s podcast, The Restored Life.